Small Investments That Make a Big Difference to Your Home

A home remodeling project is a great use of your available resources. Through remodeling, you can install the upgrades you’ve always wanted and improve the quality of life for everyone in your household. Unfortunately, the high cost of remodeling means it’s not an accessible option for everyone. Thankfully, there are smaller investments you can make that can still significantly improve your home. Talk to home upgrade pros about the investments in this article to take your property to the next level.

Install New Faucets and Water Filters

The impact poor water quality can have on your household should not be overlooked. Contaminants floating around in your tap water can cause gastrointestinal distress and immune system deficiencies. Children exposed to contaminants in water can also suffer from developmental and neurological issues.

Buying bottled water is a potential solution to that problem, but it’s not a practical one. Bottled water expenses can pile up quickly. The amount of waste generated by your reliance on bottled water is also not a pretty sight.

Make drinking tap water a viable option for your family by investing in water quality improvement. Reach out to home upgrade pros and ask them to install features that can improve the quality of your tap water. If a whole-home filtration system is too expensive for your budget, you can opt for smaller filters.

Faucet filters work well for producing potable water because you can use them in specific spots. You can pair them with the faucets in your kitchen to ensure easy access to clean drinking water. Installing new faucets may also be necessary because of the filters you want to use. The new faucets will not affect your home’s water quality issues.

Use Drain Screens and Natural Cleaning Solutions

Clogged drains are among the most common household issues. Those clogs may be the result of pouring grease, oil, and food scraps down your drains. Your drains may also start to clog due to water hardness.

Regardless of why your drains are clogged, you must resolve that issue as soon as possible. You need to request the assistance of drain cleaning contractors because you’ll have to deal with foul odors and slow draining otherwise. Sewage backup is another potential problem that may be related to a clogged drain.

Still, it would be best to prevent drain clogging instead of immediately fixing it. Home upgrade pros can tell you about natural cleaning solutions that can keep your drains clear and open. Mixtures featuring baking soda, salt, and vinegar work as natural cleaners.

Drain screens can also prevent clogging. Place those screens over your kitchen sink or bathroom floor to prevent big chunks of debris from entering your plumbing. Remember to clean your drain screens regularly so the bits of debris they stop don’t fall through.

Apply Roof Coatings

Roof-related issues can compromise your family’s comfort and cause lasting damage to your home. On top of that, any leaks in your roof can affect its ability to regulate home temperature. You may have to pay more for heating and cooling because of your roof damage.

Those symptoms of roof-related issues are troublesome enough. The cost of securing roof repairs makes them even harder to fix. Expect to pay thousands of dollars to repair moderate roof damage. The bill will be even higher if you need a roofing contractor to replace that part of your home.

Given the high costs of roof repair and replacement, you must do what you can to protect it from damage. If you’re seeking an affordable form of damage protection for that element of your household, you should take a closer look at roof coatings. Roof coatings are liquid substances that adhere to the roof to protect it from water and wind damage. It can also help with temperature regulation by shielding against UV rays.

Commonly available roof coatings include acrylic, asphalt, polyurethane, and silicone. Consult home upgrade pros to determine which of those options works best for your home. You should also schedule the application of the coating sooner rather than later to shore up your home’s defenses.

Rely on Heat Pumps for Heating and Cooling

HVAC systems are among the most voracious consumers of electricity in most households. Despite how much they cost to operate, we sometimes have no choice other than to keep them running. That’s because enduring extreme temperature days would be next to impossible without an air conditioner.

Even so, you should check out the alternatives to HVAC systems if you’re trying to reduce your household’s energy expenses. If you’re seeking a more practical alternative to an HVAC system, the heat pump may be exactly what you need. For those unfamiliar with heat pumps, these appliances move heat around to achieve the desired internal temperature for a particular space. Homeowners can use them for both heating and cooling.

Heat pumps have become significantly more popular in recent years due to their remarkable efficiency. Studies have consistently pointed out that heat pumps are more efficient than furnaces and air conditioners. Although heating install and repairs may be on the pricey side for heat pumps, their low-cost operating expenses offer sufficient compensation. Talk to home upgrade pros so they can pick the best heat pump for your property.

Pay for New Siding Installation

Siding is the material installed on exterior walls to bolster a home’s protection. Once your siding is in place, it can protect against extreme weather, fires, and pests. New siding can improve your home’s efficiency and lower monthly energy expenses.

Home upgrade pros will likely suggest siding replacement after certain signs have emerged. Those signs may include blisters, cracks, and rotting spots. You should also check the portion of the wall behind the siding for signs of water damage. If the wall appears soaked with moisture, take that as a sign that your siding should be replaced.

Labor expenses for siding replacement can be on the high side, but you can mitigate their impact by choosing a cost-efficient material. Engineered wood is your best bet if you’re looking to get the most out of your siding purchase. You can count on engineered wood siding to remain a fixture of your home for decades as long as you maintain it properly. The fact that engineered wood siding also has insulating qualities makes it an even smarter purchase from a financial standpoint.

Insulate Your Home

The usefulness of insulation doesn’t get talked about enough. Among the many benefits provided by insulation are effective temperature regulation, noise reduction, and improved air quality. You can instantly make your home comfortable and lower your energy bills by installing insulation. Contacting a local air conditioning contractor is no longer required if you wish to enjoy those benefits.

You must choose the right materials and areas to insulate to get the most out of insulation. Using fiberglass batts is a good idea if you’re looking to keep your expenses under control. Leave their installation to the home upgrade pros to ensure they are positioned properly throughout your home.

Adding spray foam insulation to your fiberglass batts is also worth considering. You can use the spray foam insulation to fill hard-to-reach areas and complete your home’s coverage. Don’t worry about cost because spray foam insulation is among the most affordable options.

Ideal spots to insulate in most homes include attics, basements, and crawlspaces. Insulation can also benefit parts of your home that are constantly exposed to the elements. Good candidates include your exterior walls, windows, and doors.

Repair Your Garage Door

Garage door repair is another affordable investment that can yield significant benefits for your household. For starters, you should request garage door repair service as soon as the need for it emerges to avoid larger expenses. Minor issues affecting your garage door can quickly get out of hand if you don’t address them in a timely manner.

A damaged garage door can also be a liability from an efficiency standpoint. Damage to your garage door or its surrounding frame may promote faster heat transfer. Your HVAC system or heat pump will have to work harder to sustain your desired temperature because of the damage to your garage door.

You should also request garage door repair because that element of your home has a sizable impact on curb appeal. Guests who see your damaged garage door may develop an unfavorable impression of your household. Show that you take good care of your property by always keeping your garage door in prime condition. Seek the services of home upgrade pros if you need garage door repair.

Waterproof Your Foundation

Foundation repairs can get quite expensive. Given the difficult labor and expensive materials required for proper foundation repair, it’s not hard to see why they cost a pretty penny. You want to steer clear of foundation repairs as much as possible.

So, how can you keep your home’s foundation in good condition? Waterproofing it will certainly help. The water pooling around your foundation can apply excessive pressure. All that pressure can also force your foundation to shift, thus causing it to weaken.

Keeping water away from your foundation can keep that part of your home in good shape for a long time. Check out available waterproofing contractor services in your area so you can secure the best solution for your property. It’s worth pointing out that numerous waterproofing options are available to homeowners. Determine the most cost-effective waterproofing solution for your property after speaking to home upgrade pros.

Add Plants and Hardscaping Elements to Your Yard

Don’t forget to look beyond the walls of your home in search of affordable ways to upgrade your property. Your yard has plenty of potential. There are all kinds of affordable improvements available for your yard, and they can be transformative additions in different ways.

Adding plants to your outdoor landscape is the easiest way to improve that part of your property. Coordinate with home upgrade pros to identify the parts of your yard that are most conducive to growing plants. You can also ask the experts about the specific plants that will thrive based on the conditions in your yard.

The plants you’re adding to your yard can do more than enhance its appearance. Once they’re fully grown, the trees you planted can provide plenty of shade and fresh air. Position them close to your home so they can help with cooling. Growing vegetables in your garden can also supplement your food supply and reduce grocery expenses.

Hardscaping elements can also be terrific additions to outdoor landscapes. For now, you can stick to building pathways. Pathways made from bricks, rocks, and pea gravel are among the most affordable options. Keep those elements of your outdoor landscape in good shape by signing up for landscape maintenance services.

Replace Your Old Windows

Finally, you should also discuss the prospect of replacing your old windows with home upgrade pros. Window and siding companies urge homeowners to monitor those elements closely because they can present similar problems. Old windows struggle to regulate temperature and can also cause noise pollution in your home. Make sure to replace your windows as soon as they present those issues.

Your choice of material will significantly affect how much your new windows will cost. Aluminum is the most affordable option, but that low price tag does not translate to poor quality. In terms of durability, aluminum is second to none.

Vinyl is another good option if you’re looking for affordable windows. Aside from being affordable, vinyl windows are also easy to maintain. They warrant serious consideration if you cannot devote plenty of time to regular window cleaning. You can also count on vinyl windows to improve the temperature regulation inside your home.

Homeowners are often hesitant to pursue upgrades because they assume they’re too expensive. As we’ve shown you in this article, there are affordable investments that can still make a huge difference for your home. Work with home upgrade pros to set those new features in place. You can also visit our website for more information regarding cost-effective home upgrades!

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