Pool Deck Ideas for a Better Pool Experience

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Nothing says summer or relaxation perfectly than spending a day in the pool. After all, home living is made better with a pool.

Are you on the hunt for some stylish pool deck ideas? Are you thinking about investing in your own pool or perhaps, you’re ready to upgrade your current setup?

Whatever your reason is for searching pool deck ideas, you won’t run out of expert advice and inspiration to get your poolside ready for the summer (or for all types of occasions).

What is the Coolest Pool Deck Material?

Before you get in too deep searching for pool deck ideas or above-ground pool ideas on a budget, think sensibly. When it comes to turning your pool deck dreams into a reality, choosing the best material is an important step. But when it comes to choosing materials for your pool, style should not be the only deciding factor.

Apart from appearances, you must also consider climate, safety, landscape and costs when picking out the best material for your pool deck.

If you are considering a wooden pool deck, consider the type of wood you’ll work with. Timber decking is an affordable option perfect for small pool ideas on a budget. However, if you want to install it around your pool, you must seal it regularly to prevent water damage. But in terms of safety, timber scores well since it is less slippery compared to glazed tiles or a concrete pool deck.

One of the cons of timber decking is that it’s not the most durable option. If you have more room in your budget, consider going for cedar, ipe, redwood or teak. These woods are more durable and naturally repel water.

If natural wood is not an option, wood composites or artificial wood are also good choices. They cost more than solid wood pool decks, but they last longer, do not easily rot or splinter and require less maintenance.

Another consideration: timber boards are also more prone to moisture build-up and rot, which can leave them full of splinters, unstable and weakened, especially if they develop algae growth and excessive moss. This can easily turn your deck into a dangerous slippery slide, which isn’t ideal for homes with little kids. On the other hand, composite pool decks require less upkeep, less maintenance and do not rot.

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Photo by Steven Ungermann on Unsplash

How Do I Spruce Up My Pool Deck?

If you need pool deck ideas, here are some that you can try:

Create a Lounging Deck at the End of the Pool

There’s nothing lovelier than lying on a pool deck with your feet dangling in the water. But if you’re looking for a spacious area that you can sit on or if you have a large pool, going all over your wood pool deck or painted pool deck gives your pool an intense look. Instead of doing this, add a stretch of decking at one end of the pool and stick with tiles.

Install a wooden plank across the end of the pool and make sure they’re slightly raised above the slab to improve the aesthetics of your space. The additional installation also extends the square footage of your pool house, as well.

Go for Cool-Toned Wooden Installations for a Contemporary Feel

If you want to achieve a more natural look for your pool deck, install cool-toned wood with a light stain to give your deck a more contemporary look (with a touch of rustic design). This look contrasts all the wood by blending the edges with planting or grass.

Consider the Aspect of Your Decking

When planning your pool deck, think about the aspect of the pool deck’s area. Do you want to always bask under the sun, or would you rather stay under the shade? If your yard is positioned in the south, facing the house, there may be a few shady spots. If this is the case and you want a shaded pool deck, plant some trees along your deck.

Layer Stone Tiles with Wooden Decking

Add more texture to your pool area by layering wooden decking (or your preferred pool deck material) with other materials like concrete or stone. This gives your pool area a more relaxed look, as well as a more natural feel. This way, your pool isn’t just a mix of water and wood. It blends with the scenery.


These pool deck ideas are designed to make swimming a more promising activity at home. Which idea are you most likely to try out?

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