Baby Boy Nursery Ideas Beyond Painting the Walls Blue

baby boy nursery room

If you’re a parent-to-be to a bouncing baby boy a few months from now, CONGRATULATIONS! A bundle of joy is always an exciting adventure, and you’re likely making preparations for your newborn. One of the tasks on your to-do list is to prepare the nursery.

Your nursery ideas may include the traditional “Paint the walls blue.” We’ve seen it everywhere: couples ditching the pink paint for blue due to the arrival of their baby boy. But the baby nursery ideas for your little boy need not be confined within the walls of painting the walls blue.

When it comes to your baby boy and his nursery, a little creativity can make the ordeal more exciting. After all, there are many exciting components to consider: wallpapers, cozy nursing chairs, changing tables, beds and toys.

Today is the best time to design a nursery. If your future child is confirmed to be a boy, the days of boyish motifs and blue walls are past their prime. Modern baby boy nursery ideas are now about being chic and functional at the same time.

Whether you want a more gender-neutral look for your baby boy nursery or are considering a themed nursery, it pays to know the basics, as well as your potential design options.

What are the Must-Haves for a Nursery?

Before you go crazy with the endless baby nursery ideas for your little boy, determine the items you need inside the room. Find the answer to,“What do you put in a boy’s nursery?”

Make sure your checklist has the following nursery must-haves:

  1. Crib bedding and furniture. Even if you’re planning to have your baby boy sleep in a bassinet during the first few months, your nursery should have the right crib. It’s a safe place to lay your baby boy down, and it helps the baby become more comfortable when you’re transitioning him from the bassinet to his new room.
  2. Baby monitor. Enjoy some peace of mind by monitoring your baby no matter where you are with a baby monitor. There are many options available — from simple monitors to high-tech cameras complete with alarms and sensors.
  3. Diaper pail. You’ll need a place to dump all the dirty diapers! A diaper pail is the best place to dispose of your baby’s stinky diapers. If you’re feeling fancy, a Diaper Genie offers an odor-free way to throw away your soiled diapers.
  4. Changing pad. Having a designated spot for changing the baby makes it easier to do diaper time, as well as organizing the materials in the room. Complete your changing pad by shopping for a washable cover that is durable.
  5. Rug or playmat. Give your baby boy a place where he can play and spread out. Crawling practice and tummy time are part of your child’s routine as he grows up. Let him have his space by putting a rug or playmat in the nursery.
  6. Soft toys, soft books and stuffed animals. Make your baby boy’s nursery more inviting by filling it with toys that are safe for play. For babies, this includes soft toys, soft books and stuffed animals.

How Can I Decorate My Baby Boy’s Room?

Next, how should your baby boy nursery look like? It ultimately depends on you! Consider the following baby nursery ideas for your little boy.

Get Creative with Wall Paint

If you like to paint your walls with the traditional baby boy blue color, that’s OK! But it’s not a requirement anymore. When picking out the paint, consider how you can turn a plain wall into a playful aspect of the room. Feel free to play with the colors.

If you’re tired of blue, why not go with pink? Any color can be used for your nursery, but if you love the shades of peach, rose and blush, you can incorporate it in your little boy’s room. Or if you want to be more creative, paint a mural! A simple mural with polka dots adds interest to your baby boy’s rooms.

To add more interest, use masking tape to create checks or stripes. If you have more time (or patience), use a complex pattern with a stencil.

Go for a Design That Will Grow With Them

With kid’s rooms, it’s important to consider a design that grows with them. This applies to the style and practicality of the furniture pieces you add to the room.

For example, your nursery could benefit from a crib with removable slides. This way, your child can use their bed up to their toddler years. Also, make sure the design of the room is adaptable and neutral. A rainforest wallpaper works well for a baby, a child and even an adult.

modern baby room
Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Lower Light Levels with a Canopy

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of your baby’s comfort, as well as a primary driver to his growth. Make sure your baby sleeps well (so you can sleep well, too) by focusing on ambient bedroom lighting. This type of lighting makes the room cozy enough for the baby to sleep.

If you want to manage the lights easily, install a canopy over the crib so you can easily shield your little one’s eyes from the light.

Make Sure You Have a Comfy Seat

The nursery is for your baby boy, but you deserve a space in it too, especially since you’ll be spending more time in this room to give your child the basic TLC. For round-the-clock feeds and storytime sessions, you need a place to sit.

A cozy upholstered armchair, complete with a cushion, gives Mom and Dad the best place to rest while giving your baby boy what he needs.

What Temperature Should a Baby’s Room Be At?

This factor is not design-related, but the temperature is an important factor when it comes to fixing up your baby boy’s nursery. You don’t want your child’s nursery to be too hot or too cold. It’s recommended to keep the room between 20 to 22 degrees Celsius or 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.

You can monitor the temperature in your baby’s room with a thermostat. If the room doesn’t have a thermostat, you can use an indoor thermometer.

Both newborns and toddlers feel comfortable at the same room temperature as adults do. Your baby boy might need an extra layer, but just make sure you dress them up nicely.


Dressing up the nursery is one of the best ways to anticipate your baby boy’s arrival. Make it more fun by going beyond the “paint the walls blue” style and be more creative with your child’s room.

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