Your Guide to Custom Closets

Taking on custom closets means there are a few steps to keep in mind as one navigates this DIY project. Choose at least a 3/4 inch piece of wood before cutting with a circular saw to make the shelves even. Once they’ve been cut, paint them before they are installed.

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The depth of the shelves is based on how much space is available in the closet.

  • Prep Closet

While the paint is drying, it is time to remove old shelves, if possible, and paint the closet, if necessary. At this time, prep the closet with studs for the new shelves and prepare them for installation.

  • Curtain Rods

Gather curtain rods and cut them, so additional hanging space is lower in the close and around the closet. This is ideal in rooms for children who are smaller and want to hang their clothes on lower racks.

  • Planning and Design

This is the most time-consuming step. Determining where there is space to add shelves and gathering the tools will take longer than the actual installation. It is important to remember that not all closets are as deep as others, so measure how deep the shelves can be before you start cutting them. Remember that custom closets are not just for bedroom closets; they can be used for pantries and other closets throughout the home.


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