Using the Right Log Cabin Supplies to Maintain Your Home

Owning a log home is a lifelong dream of many people that is only accomplished by some. The beauty of natural wood is unmatched and the feeling of accomplishment when you move in is fantastic. However, as with any home, log cabin ownership comes with its fair share of maintenance. Use the embedded video to learn more.

The expert in the video discusses the best way to wash the home and which log cabin supplies he uses. Overtime, the logs build up a thick layer of dirt that makes that home considerably less beautiful.

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The speaker recommends a specific type of cleaner that removes the dirt, protects the wood, and allows the beauty to shine through.

He also recommends a caulk to fill in nail holes to prevent water or sun damage. With the walls exposed to the heat of the sun, it gets very hot and poses a fire risk, especially on metal nails that keep and distribute heat. Using the caulk allows repose from the sun and lowers the risk of fire.

The expert in the video is using his own home as an example of how to protect and seal a log cabin. Following these instructions with your log cabin supplies to ensure a beautiful home for a long time to come.

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