Tips for Keeping the Home Safe for the Family

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  • Research and choose one that fits your needs and budget, with professional installation recommended.
  • Regularly maintain household appliances to prevent safety risks.
  • Reduce allergens and clean filters in all appliances. 
  • Inspect hoses connected to appliances, eliminate fire hazards, install smoke detectors, and store flammable materials properly. 
  • Maintain outdoor lighting with trim bushes and secure fixtures. 

In 2021, the number of home-related deaths soared by 13 percent; since 1999, that figure has skyrocketed to a staggering 320 percent. Unfortunately, this rapid increase has eliminated positive gains over the last century. During 1912 (when there were 21 million households in existence), 28 000 people died due to preventable injuries – representing 38 percent more than 2021’s death rate per 100 000 population (38.6).

Your home is the one place where you should feel safe and secure at all times. But as a homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring your home is a haven for your family. To keep your home safe, you need to proactively identify potential hazards and take steps to mitigate them. This blog post will provide tips for keeping your home safe for the whole family.

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Install Home Security System

Installing a home security system is one of the easiest ways to ensure your home is secure. A security system will provide the necessary protection and deter criminals from entering your home. Home security systems range from simple door and window alarms to full-fledged security systems with cameras, motion sensors, and access control.

Research Thoroughly

Before installing any security system, research and choose one that fits your needs and budget. Ensure you understand the instructions and consider having a professional technician install the system.


Most home security systems come with warranties, so you can get them replaced or repaired if anything goes wrong. Remember that a good home security system is an investment in your safety and peace of mind.

Regular Maintenance of Household Appliances

Many household appliances pose a safety risk, especially when not appropriately maintained. Ensure that appliances like air conditioners, heaters, and water heaters are properly maintained and inspected regularly. Ensure that electrical cords are replaced when worn out.

Reduce Allergens

You should also work with a reputable air duct cleaning service. The service should have licensed technicians to ensure they complete the work properly. This will help reduce allergens and improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and heater.

Clean Filters

It is also essential to clean all filters in household appliances. This includes checking the lint trap on dryers, washing machine filters, air conditioning filters, refrigerator coils, etc. Dirty filters can impact your appliances’ performance and energy efficiency and lead to costly repairs.

Inspect Hoses

You should inspect all hoses connected to your appliances regularly. This includes any water or gas lines connected to your dishwasher, washer, etc. Look for leaks, fraying, and cracks in the hose. If you find any issues, replace the hose immediately.

Eliminate Fire Hazards

House fires are one of the most significant home safety risks. To prevent fires, make sure to remove all fire hazards, including old electrical wires, too many plugs in one outlet, and unattended cooking.

Install Smoke Detectors

Also, install smoke detectors in every room of your home, and check them regularly to ensure they are working. Additionally, have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and know how to use it if needed.

Store Flammable Materials Properly

Lastly, be sure to keep flammable materials such as gasoline, cleaning products, and paint away from your home. Taking these precautions can help reduce the likelihood of a fire in your home.

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Maintain Outdoor Lighting

A home’s lack of outdoor lighting can create a dark environment that can attract burglars or intruders. Installing sufficient lighting in the front and back of your home will also make it easier to see who is outside your home. You can put additional outdoor lights on timers and motion sensors or program them using a smart home hub.

Trim Bushes

Also, trim your home’s bushes and shrubs, so they don’t obstruct your view. Make sure all lights are working properly, and replace bulbs as needed. Lastly, check each light to ensure it is securely mounted, replacing broken or loose fixtures. Taking these steps will not only increase the security of your home but also improve the overall look of your outdoor lighting.

Taking steps to keep your home safe may require some investment in terms of time and money. However, the peace of mind you get knowing that your family is safe is invaluable. By following the tips outlined in this blog post, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your home safe and secure. Remember to inspect your home safety measures regularly so that they continue to work at optimal levels. If you ever feel that the safety of your home has been compromised or become concerned about safety measures, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. So, don’t wait any longer; take action today!

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