The Cash Cow Lurks!

“Who loves you baby? Who gives you good credit? Who says you’ll regret it?”

Ok, so here’s an experimental post . . .For it to make any sense, you first need to watch the embedded video below. Seriously, don’t read past the YouTube stuff below until you’ve watched it!

Now, that you’ve listened to this great little video, “The Cash Cow” by Steve Taylor, read the following posts:

Now, I’m sure that the folks who participated in this bovine gathering sincerely believed they were bringing their needs and the needs of the nation to God. If there is a time we should be praying, it is now. Still, the symbolism is too uncanny. Uncanny enough that even the secular world can pick up the biblical parallels. It’s too bad that the folks who organized this gathering did not pick up on them.

Are we now drinking water made heavy with ground gold dust?

From the Valley of the Shadow of the Outlet Mall
To the customized pet-wear boutique
From the trailer of the fry chef
To the palace of the sheik
The Cash Cow lurks
The Cash Cow lurks
The Cash Cow lurks

Mea culpa. Mea maxima culpa.

I have sinned against biblioblogdom, and I am sorry. As Tyler Williams (Codex) and Doug Chaplin (Metacatholic) have noted, the person responsible for Biblical Studies Carnival XXIV canceled at the last minute. Not only did he trample upon the sacred institution of the carnival – he actually desecrated it during the high-holy month of SBL.

Unfortunately, I am that person.

Thankfully Doug has has put together “A little unofficial Biblical Studies carnivalette,” and Tyler is still taking submissions.

Let me express my deepest regrets and apologies to the community and to Tyler in particular for backing out. I’ve felt like a louse for it.

So, in the spirit of works-righteousness (I do, after all like the Epistle of James), perhaps some of the community could chime in with appropriate penance for the guilty to perform in order to receive absolution.

Is there any penance appropriate? Flogging? Cilice?