Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts

Elephant from the Aberdeen Bestiary

Matthew Fisher, an assistant professor of English at UCLA has put together a Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts. Prof. Fisher has cataloged 1,024 digitized manuscripts out of a potential of 5,000. Several medieval biblical manuscripts are included. Here’s a link to Matthew chapter 1 in a 9th century Greek manuscript from Bobbio, Italy (now housed at the Abbey of St. Gallen in Switzerland).

Read the whole article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. HT: John Jaeger of Dallas Baptist University.

The Epistle of James in Vaticanus

I’ve previously posted links to images of the Epistle of James in Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus, along with a few papyri and the miniscule text, 676. I have now been able to get my hands on some black and white images of Vaticanus, taken from the 1999 edition produced by the Instituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato in Rome. Below is the breakdown of which verses of James are present in which column of each page. Links to the images of each page are found on the far left:

Page Column I Column II Column III
1426 1:1-11 1:11-19 1:19-27
1427 1:27-2:8 2:8-18 2:18-3:1
1428 3:1-8 3:8-17 3:17-4:8
1429 4:8-16 4:16-5:8 5:8-16
1430 5:16-20

James in Papyri

I’ve stumbled upon a few papyri that contain James:

Update (16 Aug 06): Wieland Willker also lists the following fragment of James on his page, “The Original Sources“:

Also, see this article by Peter M. Head on several new papyri, including P100 (listed above).

The Epistle of James in Sinaiticus at CSNTM

I posted earlier on the Epistle of James in Miniscule 676, as found on the CSNTM website. The same organization has recently posted images of the 4th c. majuscule text, Sinaiticus (as found in Kirsopp Lake’s 1911 photograph facsimile). Here’s the breakdown for James in Sinaiticus:

1:1-2:6 image 118b
2:6-3:6 image 119a
3:6-5:9 image 119b
5:9-5:20 image 120a

13th c. Miniscule (676) of James at CSNTM

Plagued with insomnia, I figured out where the text of the Epistle of James was located in the 13th century miniscule text 676, as available at the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts site. The CSNTM site has a great selection of early manuscripts, and it will have much more in the future. In fact, they’ve recently added images of Sinaiticus. Here’s the breakdown for James:

1:1-14a image 324
1:14a-2:13a image 325
2:13b-3:13 image 326
3:14-5:4a image 327
5:4b-5:20 image 328