So, I’ve decided to embark on a new hobby – one that does not involve “reading” or “research” and one that takes me back to the family room floor during my childhood. I’m going to start building with Legos again. Boy, I wish I had all the bricks I had when I was a kid. I had pirate ships, space ships, and castles. I remember fondly having all of the collection in one big tupperware container. My younger brother and I would fight over all the “good pieces” (the neat little intricate guns, walkie-talkies, and swords that went with the minifigures). I think I lost a certain frequency range of my hearing from all the times I clawed my way through the big bin looking for that one tiny little piece that would complete my latest creation (it’s a sound I’ll never forget). So, forgive my waxing nostalgic, but I figured I’d vent my desire to regress into childhood. If you happen to have Legos and want to get rid of them, contact me!

Oh, and by the way – “lego” in Homeric Greek (λέγω) can mean “to gather” (LSJ), and it is used at least once in the context of “picking out stones for building a wall” (Ody. 18.359). A similar meaning is given to the Latin, lĕgo (Lewish & Short). The original name “Lego” is derived from the Danish leg godt, meaning “play well” (Wikipedia).