For Sale: Dictionary of Classical Hebrew (vols. 1, 2, 4)

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David J. A. Clines described the method behind the dictionary’s madness in On the Way to the Postmodern: Old Testament Essays 1967-1998, Volume 2 (JSOTSup, 292; Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1998), 602-12 [link]. See also reviews/critiques here, here and here.

Williams’ Hebrew Syntax (3rd ed.)

John Beckman, a graduate of Gordon-Conwell and a PhD student at Harvard has recently revised and expanded Ronald J. Williams’ Hebrew Syntax (previous editions published as Hebrew Syntax: An Outline).

I used Williams’ second edition when I took intermediate Hebrew, and since then I’ve found it a helpful quick reference when faced with translation decisions.

Beckman clarifies Williams’ work by revising and expanding definitions and explanations of grammatical phenomena. He also directs the reader to additional discussions in GKC, Joüon, IBHS, BHRG and GBHS, and adds footnotes that point to developments in Hebrew grammar since the second edition (1976). In spite of these various changes to this new edition, Beckman has been careful to maintain the original numbering of Williams’ outline (though he does subdivide certain sections). This enables one to easily look up references to Williams’ outline made by other scholars.

For the intermediate student of Hebrew grammar, this book promises to provide an effective introduction to more advanced grammatical concepts.

As an added bonus, John Beckman has released a PDF outline of all the grammatical categories found in Williams’ outline (similar to the grammatical outline found in the back of Wallace’s Greek Grammar Beyond the Basics). This outline, along with PDF’s of various public domain books and articles on Hebrew grammar are available at his new site,