Do you use Google for research?

On ATLANTIS, a librarian asked for advice on instructing faculty on using Google Books and Google Scholar for research and other things academic.

So, here’s the question for the bibliobloggers. How do you use Google Scholar / Google Books? Have you come across any serendipitous discoveries in your field while using either service? What about using Amazon’s A9 or Microsoft’s Windows Live Search? How would you convince your colleagues to start using these resources?

See also David Instone-Brewer’s TyndaleTech January 2007 and March 2005, as well as Roy Ciampa’s list of books on Amazon & Google at

UPDATE (2 August 2007): I had forgotten about Danny Zacharias’ SBL Forum article, “The Wired Scholar.” There he highlights Google Books, Google Scholar, Google Notebook, Google Docs and LibraryThing. He also mentions in his comments to this post his Online Biblical Studies Journals Search.