Converting Excess to Access… Theological Book Network

Did you get a bunch of books for Christmas? Are you wondering where you are going to put them all? Thinking about weeding out your library? Is that Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket? Do you care about the theological instruction of Christian leaders in the Majority World?

If you answered “Yes” to any two of the questions above, then you should consider donating either books or funds to the Theological Book Network.

Theological Book Network’s Mission:

To provide quality academic books and journals to the libraries of Majority World seminaries, colleges and universities that provide theological training toward the development of leaders, teachers and clergy in the Christian Church.

How Does it Work?

The Theological Book Network collects academic books and journals from Western theological libraries, publishers and scholars. All donations are brought to our warehouse where they are sorted and packed for shipment. TBN works with regional networks of institutions for efficiency and breadth of distribution. Recipient institutions share some financial, logistical and administrative responsibilities for the shipment.

If you attend or work at a school with a theological library (that is not listed here) then please let the library staff know about this service. Pass the word along to your professors, colleagues and classmates as well.

The headline of TBN’s site reads “Converting EXCESS in our world to ACCESS in the rest of the world.” Take a look. I know that I will.