OT in the NT with BibleWorks

Mark Vitalis Hoffman of Luther Theological Seminary has put together a tutorial on the use of the Old Testament in Matthew 4:4. In this PowerPoint tutorial, he demonstrates how to use BibleWorks 7 to investigate the various issues with interpreting the OT in the NT. (See his blog post.) I have not had a chance to check out the presentation, but given that the topic is on “oldinthenew” and BibleWorks (2 of my favorite things), I figured that it would be good to give everyone a heads up.

I hope we see more of this kind of tutorial in the future.

Link: OT in the NT: Matt 4:4-Learning to work with resources

Context is King – Even in Movie Trailers

For those teachers out there who would stress to their students the importance of context when interpreting Scripture, the following re-edited movie trailers on YouTube could very well serve as excellent examples. When the context is removed, you can make the harmless seem harmful and the harmful seem harmless: