BibleWorks 8 is on its way!

BibleWorks 8 is now available for order (with the product shipping in mid-to-late-December).

Here are just a few highlights of the new release:

Three top-grade grammars are now a part of the base package:

  • Exegetical Syntax of the New Testament (Wallace)
  • Introduction to Biblical Hebrew Syntax (Waltke & O’Connor)
  • A Grammar of Biblical Hebrew (Joüon & Muraoka)

They’ve added the searchable Greek text of the Old Testament Pseudepigrapha along with a translation of the actual Greek text. These translations reflect the actual Greek text rather than one of the other ancient versions (thus giving a more reliable representation of the Greek text than may be available in Charles or Charlesworth). This means that in the BW8 base package the user has access to most early Greek Jewish and Christian literature (Josephus, Philo, LXX, NT, Apostolic Fathers and now the Greek Old Testament Pseudepigrapha).

A new Phrase Matching Tool/Related Verses Tool that allows users to find other passages in the Hebrew or Greek text that have similar phrasing. The new Phrase Matching Tool takes your current verse and finds all verses containing similar phrases. The new Related Verses Tool finds all verses using a specified number of the same words found in a current verse.

See their snazzy new PDF brochure for a full list of new features. See also the BibleWorks introduction.

Boston Bible Software Training

Do you live in New England? Have you ever been to Boston in the Fall?* Do you use one of the big three–BibleWorks, Logos or Accordance? If so, then you may want to mark your calendars for a few upcoming events.

The Accordance seminar is free, and open to the public. This all-day seminar will be held at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary South Hamilton campus in the Academic Center, Saturday, October 27th. Visit the Accordance web site for more information. register by sending an email to

The BibleWorks seminar is open to the public, but it is not free. You can sign up and pay for either the morning beginner’s section or the afternoon intermediate section (or both). Both sections will be held at the GCTS South Hamilton campus in the Academic Center on Saturday, November 10th. Visit the BibleWorks web site for more information and registration.

Finally, Morris Proctor Seminars will be holding “Camp Logos” for users of Logos Bible Software at Jubilee Christian Church International in Boston on Thursday and Friday, November 15 & 16. Camp Logos has a registration fee of $200.

I plan on attending all three seminars, so if you’re there be sure to say hello!

*Note veiled reference to the Pirates who don’t do anything. They’ve never been to Boston in the Fall!

OT in the NT with BibleWorks

Mark Vitalis Hoffman of Luther Theological Seminary has put together a tutorial on the use of the Old Testament in Matthew 4:4. In this PowerPoint tutorial, he demonstrates how to use BibleWorks 7 to investigate the various issues with interpreting the OT in the NT. (See his blog post.) I have not had a chance to check out the presentation, but given that the topic is on “oldinthenew” and BibleWorks (2 of my favorite things), I figured that it would be good to give everyone a heads up.

I hope we see more of this kind of tutorial in the future.

Link: OT in the NT: Matt 4:4-Learning to work with resources