a modular lego townhouse

Last week my wife was away visiting family. While she was gone, I spent a few evenings working on this Lego townhouse. The model was based on misc2006’s alternate model for set 4954. It is compatible with other modular Lego models (e.g. Cafe Corner, Market Street, and Green Grocer). I used mainly pieces from 4954, but I did supplement the model with pieces not found in that set.

Lego – A Grievous Alternative

Late last Friday night I spent a few hours playing with Lego blocks – my new obsession… I put together an alternate model for the 7656-1 General Grievous Starfighter. I’ve been reading various Lego blogs and catching up on new building techniques that have developed since I stopped playing with Legos 20 years ago, and I decided to give some of them a try. Well, here’s the finished product. It was my first original model in the past two decades. Overall, I don’t think it’s too shabby. It’s amazing how cathartic it is to have a non-academic, non-book, non-computer hobby! (Click the thumbnail/this link to see other views of the model.)