Deppe’s “The Sayings of Jesus in the Paraenesis of James”

Dean Deppe, professor at Calvin Theological Seminary wrote his PhD dissertation on “The Sayings of Jesus in the Epistle of James”. This dissertation has been cited by scholars as one of the most important works on the Epistle of James’ use of Jesus’ teachings. For instance, Richard Bauckham notes:

Deppe’s very thorough study (unfortunately not easily accessible and so not used by most scholars writing subsequently) probably takes this method of approach to the relationship between James and the Gospels as far as it can be taken (see pg. 117 in “James and Jesus” [pgs. 100-137 in The Brother of Jesus: James the Just and His Mission; eds. B. Chilton & J. Neusner; Louisville, KY: W/JKP, 2001]).

Thankfully Dr. Deppe has made an updated version of his dissertation EASILY accessible, as he has given  permission to post it to this site.* This updated version is titled “The Sayings of Jesus in the Paraenesis of James: A PDF Revision of the Doctoral Dissertation, ‘The Sayings of Jesus in the Epistle of James’ by Dean B. Deppe (1990).” Because this is an updated version, the pagination is different from the print version that was printed in Chelsea, Mich. in 1990. I’ve uploaded the file both to this blog and to the Internet Archive.

*Actually, he gave me permission to post this long ago, but I forgot to mention it! My apologies for the delay!

6 thoughts on “Deppe’s “The Sayings of Jesus in the Paraenesis of James””

  1. Many thanks to Professor Deppe and yourself for making this reference available, especially given its usefulness and otherwise near impossibility to acquire in hard copy.

  2. I love the book of James because it deep dives into the topic of faith. I appreciate having the opportunity to learn more about the book of James. Thank you.

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