Patristic Witnesses to Speaking in Tongues

Roger Pearse at the Thoughts on Antiquity blog has posted about an ongoing project to catalog and translate all references to speaking in tongues in the church fathers, undertaken by Charles Sullivan, a “patristic enthusiast.”   Dr. Sullivan then plans on publishing A History of the Gift of Tongues as a work reflecting the results of his 20 years of labor! I am sure that this work will be a welcome resource among Pentecostal scholars (and those interested in such phenomenon in the early church).

3 thoughts on “Patristic Witnesses to Speaking in Tongues”

  1. Ronald Kydd attempted something similar to this with his nearly 1000-page 1974 PhD dissertation on charismatic gifts in the early church. (The 1984 rewrite is considerably shorter–only 100 pages). While the topic would seem rather general, he winds up focusing primarily on the gift of tongues–especially in the 1984 version. However, and with respect to Dr. Kydd, the argument is rather weak and some of the theological implications are a bit odd (if not troubling). Dr. Sullivan’s might serve as a needed supplement (if not replacement) to Kydd’s work.

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