Forthcoming: Christ as Agent of Creation in the NT

Nijay Gupta points out that Sean McDonough (professor of NT at Gordon-Conwell) will soon be publishing a new book on “Christ as Agent of Creation in the New Testament.”

Here is a blurb from the description (which Nijay provides in full):

This book examines the New Testament teaching that Christ was the one through whom God made the world. While scholars usually interpret this doctrine as arising from the equation of Jesus and the Wisdom of God, Sean McDonough argues that it had its roots in the church’s memories of Jesus’ miracles. These memories, coupled with the experience of spiritual renewal in the early church, established Jesus as the definitive agent of God’s new creation in the New Testament writings and the teachings of the Early Church.

I am very much looking forward to seeing this book in production! I spent a few years helping Dr. McDonough with bibliographic research on the topic. I’ve taken several classes with him, and he was one of my MA thesis supervisors.