5 thoughts on “Solomon’s Temple in Lego”

  1. You’re not too far off the mark, Mandy! From what I understand the “chef’s hat” was a carry over from some kind of hat worn by priests (I am not sure where or what kind – whether pagan or not – but I seem to remember something to the effect).

  2. The hat used by modern chefs originates in the monastic hat worn by novice monks or long-term visitors to Orthodox and Roman Catholic monasteries.
    Since these men were usually assigned to work in the monastery kitchen, the white, puffed hat became synonymous with the work of a chef.
    A larger, puffier hat eventually evolved for the “head chef” – an image we still see today among French, Italian, and Lego chefs.
    This Lego adaptation of and Old Testament High Priest is excellent, and in a certain way, spiritually well-suited!

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