Jacked Up Journal Prices

Roger Pearse at Thoughts on Antiquity has posted a letter to the VP of Wiley Publishing by varous theological libraries in the UK and in Asia regarding the astronomically increased prices of theological journals. Read the letter here.


I hope to post more on this in the near future.

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  1. Thanks for picking up on this. I only saw the letter by accident, and I’ve asked for further specifics. The first example is the International Bulletin of Missionary Research; it’s
    gone from around £30 a year to something like £144. Not a lot? Well, if you’re a small college, your book and journal budget is dependent on fund-raising, and you have to subscribe to dozens of journals, a 400% increase is pretty serious.

    We need to help these people, I think. Wiley are cutting the throats of everyone (including themselves).

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