SBL Greek font released

SBL just posted a new Greek Unicode font (SBL Greek). Here’s James 5:17-18 in the new font:

Here’s a screenshot of the SBL Greek font next to a few other Unicode Greek fonts (Gentium, Palatino Linotype, Vusillus Old Type, and Arial Unicode MS):

The font looks pretty decent. Here’s a screenshot of what the font looks like embedded with English (Latin) letters in Times New Roman:

I’m not sure if I like the ‘slant’ of the font. It looks as if the Greek is ‘italicized’ by default (though the ‘slant’ is not nearly as pronounced as Vusillus Old Type). The line height is not exactly the same as Times New Roman either (the difference is very slight, but there’s still a difference). I think I still prefer Gentium for writing and Palatino Linotype for web browsing.

I will be interested to see how it looks against the SBL BibLit transliteration font (yet to be released). I do hope they combine SBL Hebrew, SBL Greek and SBL BibLit into a single über-font similar to Cardo. That would be quite handy.

The font is available for download at the SBL Biblical Fonts page.

HT: Rod Decker at the NT Resources Blog.

UPDATE: Mark Hoffman notes on the BibleWorks Forums that “According to John Hudson who designed the SBL fonts, once both fonts have stable versions, there will be a combined font called SBLBibLit.”

7 thoughts on “SBL Greek font released”

  1. Agreed on slant. I am still a fan of Palatino. My big problem with it is that it is too wide, but otherwise it is almost near perfect for me. SBLGreek, if it were not slanted, would be a pretty narrow font and it looks like it fits in well with normal Times. Ok, maybe if it had a bit more thickness AND were a little less slanty, THEN it’d be perfect… 🙂

  2. “SBL BibLit transliteration font”

    To expand the abbreviations…

    Isn’t “Societiy of Biblical Literature Biblical Literature transliteration font” a bit redundant?

  3. i find the italian fonts looks better when written written in paragraphs. hehe. anyway the greeks are honored coz the new testament is written in greek.

  4. Let to the table, jdarlack, but my 2 cents is the new SBL Greek font looks less slanty and more like it was cross-pollinated with the MS Comic Sans font.

    – cad_lib on Library Thing, tho not there too much these days.

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