UnisaETD = University of South Africa Electronic Theses & Dissertations

I just stumbled upon UnisaETD (University of South Africa Electronic Theses & Dissertations). On this site, you can search theses and dissertations originating at Unisa. It’s a great supplement to Proquest’s Digital Dissertation Abstracts* and the British Library’s EThOS. UnisaETD theses are abstracted in Dissertation Abstracts, but you must hunt down the electronic text directly through UnisaETD.

There’s one major quirk to UnisaETD, however. You MUST use Internet Explorer to navigate through the site.

*The full-text version of Proquest’s Digital Dissertation Abstracts is available through the Boston Public Library for those in Massachusetts who qualify for an eCard. How’s that for your tax dollars at work? 😉

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