Estel = Hope

I could not help but put together yet another ObamaIcon (especially in light of today’s ‘festivities’).

For those of you who have not drifted as far into geekdom as myself, “Estel” is the Sindarin word for “hope.” It was a name given by the Elves to Aragorn II, son of Arathorn.

3 thoughts on “Estel = Hope”

  1. You are a geek, but you’re MY geek and I love you.

    Plus, I knew it was Viggo even before I read the bottom of the post, so I can’t be too far behind in geek-dom.

  2. Not only, Estel is hope in Sindarin but also in Quenya! Bullseye for your Aragorn pic!!!! Excellent! May I use it in my Quenya site? Of course I’ll give the proper credits and references!

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