Illuminated World – A Glossy Gospel

This looks interesting (from BoingBoing):

…a Swedish adman and former CEO Dag Soderberg is leading a team called Illuminated World that’s reinterpreting the Bible as a magazine – complete with sidebars, coverlines, and subheads. He’s using the straight text, for the most part, but embellishing it with Bennetton-style photos and pull quotes. (See rushkoff @ boingboing)

From the Illuminated World website:

Remarkably, the revolutionary new Bible reached unprecedented sales in Sweden. Illuminated World increased the market for bibles by almost 50 percent without cannibalizing normal bible sales. (Link)

While this Bible “magazine” looks quite “artsy”, the concept is not new (for good or for ill). Thomas Nelson has published “Refuel” for teenage guys and “Revolve” for teenage girls.

Now, I’m all for contextualization of the Gospel, but at what point does the “context” get in the way of the Gospel? As rushkoff notes, “Something about the combination of an advertising perspective with the Bible feels like a contradiction.” Does Scripture need to be made “trendy” for a modern audience?

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