Imperial Presence in James

Torrey Seland of the Philo of Alexandrial Blog and the Resource Pages for Biblical Studies Blog posts about a recently defended doctoral dissertation by Ingeborg A.K. Kvammen, titled “Imperial Presence in the Assembly: An Interpretation of Jas 2:1-13 with a Postcolonial Optic.” The abstract begins:

This dissertation presents a historical interpretation of Jas 2:1-13 with a postcolonial optic. The postcolonial optic is used due to two reasons. First, it is suitable for the material at hand, and second, there is a research lacuna when it comes to Jas 2:1-13 and postcolonialism.

Methodologically a historical interpretation of the text and postcolonialism is combined through Vernon K. Robbins’ socio-rhetorical interpretation. With Robbins as a point of departure, the methodological focus is a) inner texture, understood as the rhetoric of the text, the structure of the text and the building of an argument, b) intertexture, with a focus on how the text relates to other Jewish-Christian texts and the Graeco-Roman culture.

For the rest of the abstract, see Torrey Seland’s original post.

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