Blackman’s Mishnah & Commentary

I just came across PDF’s of Philip Blackman’s, Mishnayoth (in Six Volumes). Each volume in this set contains the pointed Hebrew text, introductions, translation and various appendices and supplements. (This is the first edition, there has since been a revised and expanded edition with an index volume.)

  1. Zeraim, London: Mishna Press, 1951
  2. Moed, New York: Judaica Press, 1963
  3. Nashim, London: Mishna Press, 1953
  4. Nezikin, London: Mishna Press, 1954
  5. Kodashim, London: Mishna Press, 1954
  6. Taharoth, London: Mishna Press, 1955

These PDF’s are hosted on See especially their English texts.

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  1. Thanks so much for passing along this resource. I’m cautious about the copyright, however. I don’t see any permissions. Your thoughts?

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