Matthew Butterick, an attorney and former typeface designer, has put together a guide to “Typography for Lawyers.” I’ve always had a fascination with typography. The site, as its name implies, is geared towards those in the law profession, but it’s applicable to anyone who’s putting together a document for others to read. As A.K.M.Adam notes:

…a whole lot of church bulletins, web sites, and correspondence would look better if the clergy (and staff) followed Matthew’s advice.

I’m new to WordPress, but I wonder if anyone’s put together a plugin that addresses typographical issues like converting three periods (…) into ellipses (…) straight quotes (” “) into curly quotes (“ ”), — into an en dash (–), or — into an em dash (—).

HT: A.K.M.Adam

Update: Hah! It looks like WP already converts these characters. In my actual post, I simply typed three periods, straight quotes and dashes, but WP converted them into the correct characters. One of many reasons to switch from blogger to WP!

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