What Have They Done with Jesus? – Witherington Lectures at GCTS

Recently three lectures by Ben Witherington, titled “What Have They Done with Jesus?”, were given at the Charlotte campus of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. The lectures are based on his book (subtitled Beyond Strange Theories and Bad History—Why We Can Trust the Bible).

From the seminary web site:

Two thousand years after his birth, Jesus is still making headlines. From best-selling books to television specials and movies, Jesus’ life and works are being discussed by Christians and non-Christians alike. However, the Jesus being discussed often looks very little like the Jesus of traditional Christianity. How should thoughtful Christians respond to these radical portrayals of Jesus?

The Robert C. Cooley Center for the Study of Early Christianity at the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary campus in Charlotte, North Carolina, presented a series of lectures on the theme What Have They Done with Jesus?, featuring noted biblical scholar and Charlotte native Dr. Ben Witherington III, Professor of New Testament Interpretation at Asbury Theological Seminary.

  • First Lecture, What Have They Done With Jesus?
  • Second Lecture, The Talpiot Tomb – The Family Tomb of Jesus?
  • Third Lecture, The Jesus History and the Pseudo-Christ of Gnosticism.

Listen to the lectures HERE.

HT: Kar Yong at “homilia of a budding NT scholar” (a GCTS alumnus).

4 thoughts on “What Have They Done with Jesus? – Witherington Lectures at GCTS”

  1. I read Witherington’s, “What have they done with Jesus?” and I was a little disappointed. I felt like he too easily dismisses historical traditions within the early Church that don’t fancy his own theological liking. How did the lectures compare to the book?

  2. I read Witherington’s, “What have they done with Jesus?” and I was a little disappointed, having read other books by him. I felt as though he dismissed traditions from the early Church too easily. Perhaps he has good reasons for doing so, but I didn’t think the book actually gave them (nor do I imagine that was his purpose in writing the book). How do you think the lectures compared to the book?

  3. Hi Josh. Actually, I have not had a chance to either listen or read this stuff. I’ve been a bit preoccupied with other stuff lately. I just thought I’d pass the news along to whoever might read.

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