2 thoughts on “A visit to Lakeland”

  1. Dude, you’re not getting soft are you? After visiting the revival, I’m having a hard time figuring out why God would work through–or even in spite of–Todd Bentley. It’s not so much the weird manifestations or ecstatic behavior as it is the complete lack of biblical teaching. In country parlance, “Why locate a drinking hole so close to a manure pile?” Anyhow, wish we could hang out in person and discuss this … and other things.

  2. Nah! I’m not going soft. I’m just saying that the nutty theology of a preacher does not negate that God could actually move among his people at the event. Then again, the converse is true. The fact that God may be moving among his people in no way validates the nuttiness of the speaker/leader! Yeah, it would be good to hang out! Come on, you know you want to move back to New England! (It’s so cheap to live here after all! And the people have a reputation for being friendly, and the weather’s always warm! – Cue sarcastic grin!)

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