Online Research at the Boston Public Library

Are you studying in Massachusetts? Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

Students and residents in Massachusetts can sign up with the Boston Public Library for a library card. Besides allowing borrowing privileges, this card gives access to many of the electronic databases to which the BPL subscribes, including JSTOR, the ATLA Religion Database, PSYCinfo, and the full-text version of Dissertation Abstracts.

A potential patron does not need to be a resident of Boston, and the patron does not even have to be an official Massachusetts resident – they can be a student studying in Massachusetts with declared residency in another state.

Just to make things easier, the BPL also offers an “eCard” for those who do not intend to borrow books, but use the online resources. You do not have to travel to the BPL to obtain one of these cards, you can simply sign up at the library’s web site (see the “Register for a Library Card Online” link in the center column on their home page (

If you have any questions about this service, visit their F.A.Q. page.

It’s great to see our Massachusetts tax dollars at work on something useful!

4 thoughts on “Online Research at the Boston Public Library”

  1. My name’s Jim – not Jack… Though, you can call me anything except “late for dinner.” Anyway, the big difference is in access to JSTOR and the full-text of Dissertation Abstracts (to which GCTS students do not have access without a BPL card).

  2. Sorry about that Jim. I actually knew that, just typed Jack for some reason. Sorry about that!

    Thanks for the heads up with this information. I will sign up today,

  3. Hey thanks James! I think there may be some stuff there that my university doesn’t have. Great find!


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