Wikindx anyone? Anyone? Anyone?

Anyone?Does anyone out there know how to implement Wikindx on a site hosted by Yahoo? Anyone . . . ? Anyone . . . ? The James Bibliography on ΑΓΑΠΗΣΕΙΣ reminds me of a project I’ve had on the back burner. I’ve been meaning to put together a James bibliography for some time now, but I’ve wanted to do it in the database format that the “Paul and Scripture” section of SBL has been using [link]. I haven’t done so, mainly because of my ignorance with MySQL and PHP (which are needed to implement Wikindx). So, if there is anyone out there who knows how to implement Wikindx on a site that’s hosted on Yahoo, I’d love some pointers!

UPDATE: Thanks to the help of the wikindx creator, Mark Grimshaw, I have been able successfully install the program. See Of course the bibliography is not fully developed yet – given that there are only 3 entries!

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  1. Jim, I checked out the database format on the “Paul and Scripture” section of SBL and I didn’t really see how great it was. However, I did like seeing Scott Hafemann’s “Paul, Moses and the History of Israel” listed there. This morning in the shower, I had an epiphany of the technology that I’d like to see to make a tagged bibliography more useful. I’d like it to scroll horizontally with a book cover at the top and places for publication information, table of contents, tags, synopses, reviews and annotations that can be expanded for each source listed vertically. The user should be able to quickly turn any of these fields on and off. Also, the user should be able to select tags that would immediately eliminate from the view any sources that do not include that tag. This should be able to create reference notes in the appropriate style sheet. It could interact with Zotero. What else does it need? So does this technology already exist? If not, who’s going to create it for us?

  2. Forget it–let other people do it. Chances are that with all the open source software development, someone will want the same thing you want and do it for you.

  3. Jack, for the most part you have to have the “Pro” account in order to use the program. If you do it should be as simple as to upload it to the directory you want and then point your browser to the install file and follow the prompts for setup.

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