Overdue Overhall

I just realized that this site does not display correctly in Internet Explorer. I’m gonna have to fix that. I’m thinking about moving over to WordPress as well… Hmmm… Sorry for the inconvenience. Though I doubt I inconvenienced many!

2 thoughts on “Overdue Overhall”

  1. Wow, I just realized that too! I’ve been wondering for months why you changed your site to be so ugly. I guess I need to start using Firefox more regularly. Nice looking site after all. I highly recommend WordPress. I delayed for several months because some things were a bit more intuitive on blogger, but I finally made the shift and I’m glad I did. I’m just not clear on what this has meant for my 14 subscribers and my Google Juice. Before, Google blog searches would find my posts right away. Now, it hardly finds them at all–maybe because my authority is lower.

  2. Yeah, I figured it out after I was looking at my site statistics and found that the majority of folks use IE to view the blog. Hard to believe that there are still folks who don’t use Firefox! I made the switch a few years ago and I’ve never looked back at IE!

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