Epistle of James Bibliography at ΑΓΑΠΗΣΕΙΣ

“Zephyr,” at ΑΓΑΠΗΣΕΙΣ, has been posting a running bibliography on “Recent Scholarship” on the Epistle of James [link]. It’s a great list, and I’m sure it will continue to grow [see his latest update]. If you know of any more texts, be sure to submit them by way of the comments!

2 thoughts on “Epistle of James Bibliography at ΑΓΑΠΗΣΕΙΣ”

  1. Jim, thanks for the plug. Yes, my list of recent scholarship on the Letter of James will continue to grow, partly thanks to you. In fact, I have a list of sources that just needs cleaned up and verified before I add them to the bibliography. Thanks again for your friendship and constant encouragement. We’ll have to do something collaborative on James some day.

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