New Testament Reading List?

Has anyone developed a reading list that would help someone to become conversant with the main issues of the field? What are the must reads? What books would you expect someone graduating with a PhD in New Testament studies to have read and gained understanding?

Please respond or blog with your answers.

3 thoughts on “New Testament Reading List?”

  1. I’m just going to throw out one or two comments.

    (1) Far and away, being soaked in primary sources is far more important than secondary source interaction. Chris Tilling had a comment from Martin Hengel to this effect; Howard Marshall tells all his doctoral students, “Make the primary sources your mistress.” In other words, Charlesworth’s vols. and the Didache and Barnabas and Clement of Rome are probably more impt than almost anything you can think of…

    (2) I think being conversant with a handful of key scholars is really important, maybe even more important than breadth. It depends in part on your area of expertise. But some, like N. T. Wright and Richard Bauckham, are so important across the canon that it’s hard to imagine avoiding them. Find at least one major scholar you enjoy reading, and try to master his/her literature, being able to triangulate said scholar’s work against the backdrop of wider biblical scholarship.

    James, I’d love to hear other things you’ve heard from folks in person, esp GC profs. Where will you be studying?

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