Cowley & Neubauer’s Hebrew Sirach

MSBI’ve made a PDF scan of Cowley & Neubauer’s The Original Hebrew of a Portion of Ecclesiasticus (XXXIX. 15 to XLIX. 11) together with the Early Versions and an English Translation followed by the Quotations from Ben Sira in Rabbinical Literature (Oxford: Clarendon, 1897).

The Hebrew text represents part of Manuscript B. This version has been usurped by more modern presentations of the Hebrew text of Ben Sira (the most handy edited by Pancratius Beentjes).* Still, Cowley & Neubauer’s edition is handy as it presents the Latin text in one section and the Hebrew, Syriac, Greek, and an English translation of the Hebrew in another. The Syriac is particularly pesky to track down, so you can at least get some sense of what’s going on in Sirach 39:15-49:11 using this text. Two plates are included, though they are scanned black and white and are not of a good quality.

I’ve provided two versions. The first is easier to read on the screen, as it presents the Hebrew text in correct order, and it contains bookmarks to various sections. The second version is meant for printing, and when viewed on the screen the Hebrew pages will scroll in reverse. This second version allows you to print the text double-sided and get a pretty decent facsimile of the original.

PDF Downloads:

*Beentjes, The Book of Ben Sira in Hebrew. A Text Edition of all extant Hebrew Manuscripts and A Synopsis of all parallel Hebrew Ben Sira Texts (VTSup 68; Brill: Leiden, 1997). The Brill edition is quite expensive, but SBL has reprinted it in paperback.

UPDATE 3 August 2007: Broken link to “print version” of Cowley & Neubauer fixed.

4 thoughts on “Cowley & Neubauer’s Hebrew Sirach”

  1. Jim,

    Thanks for making this resource available–and for mentioning the SBL reprint of the Beentjes volume.

    The link for the print-quality file does not seem to work for me. Is it correct as given in the post?

    Bob Buller
    Society of Biblical Literature

  2. Thank you so much for having made this available! I needed it to track down a disagreement between the LXX reading of Sir 45:7 and that found in the NAB-RE translation. I now see that the latter has followed the Hebrew, rather than the Greek, text. MY DEEPEST THANKS!

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