ten reasons why to drop your cell phone

I’ve never had one, and as long as I can, I never will. Now I’ve got ten reasons not to! Rob Beschizza at the Wired Blogs Gadget Lab has given “ten reasons why to drop your cell phone”:

  1. It makes your life more complicated
  2. It’s horribly expensive
  3. It enslaves you to a one-sided contract
  4. It makes you perpetually available
  5. It is boring
  6. It must constantly be recharged
  7. It knows where you are
  8. It encourages stupid people to become a public menace
  9. Ubiquitous pleather accessory shops
  10. It turns you into a public annoyance

For the complete list and his explanation, see his post.

“Lay aside every weight” and get rid of your cell phone!

(HT Lifehacker)

2 thoughts on “ten reasons why to drop your cell phone”

  1. Yeah, but it lets you read your favorite blogs while sitting on the toilet, and it doesn’t get as hot as a laptop while so doing. That alone outweighs all the other stuff.

  2. My only comment is on the expensive part. Right now the only phone contact I have is a cell phone because I’m paying $10 /month as part of a family plan. I realize most normal cell phone services cost 40-50$. But anyway, right now I don’t have a land-line phone because it costs 20$ month just to have the stupid phone with no extra bells and whistles. To me *that’s* expensive!

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