post-graduation, post-computer crash…

My blog has been at a standstill for several weeks now. My computer crashed — thankfully after I got my final copy of my thesis submitted for binding. The crash provided a good excuse to reformat my hard drive. Now that a good friend has resurrected the beast, I think I’ll start putting it to use. I just hope that there is not too much data-loss.

On top of computer woes, I’ve been downright exhausted and a bit bewildered. This is the first Summer in twenty-seven years, where I am not looking forward to the “next school year.” It’s a strange feeling — a mix of euphoria and vertigo that comes from no longer being identified as a “student.” While I have no intention of leaving academia (I’m still a reference librarian, and I have plenty of education yet to go), this change in identity is rather disconcerting.

Nevertheless, I’m happy to have some time off, and I hope to put the Summer to good use. I’m off to a good start, as I’ve finally finished reading through the first six volumes of Harry Potter. It’s nice to think about less weighty things, like whether Dumbledore is really dead, or if Snape will turn out to be a good guy after all. I’m waiting with baited breath for The Deathly Hallows. I’m going to pick up Tolkien’s Children of Húrin next.

I hope to pick up some academic reading as well. I was given a copy of The Messiah in the Old and New Testaments (ed. S. E. Porter), and it looks like a great read. I’ve also checked out the library’s copy of Reading James with New Eyes, a collection of articles on the Epistle of James, edited by J. Kloppenborg and R. Webb. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to abstract the articles and interact with them here.

So, there are the plans. It’s good to be back in biblioblogdom.