It’s turned in…

This afternoon I turned in my thesis to my readers. I don’t know when the defense will be, but for now there’s a bit of relief. Now I get to return to blogdom!

3 thoughts on “It’s turned in…”

  1. Hi James,

    I enjoy your website a great deal. Congratulations on turning your thesis in.

    I have a quick question: there is a BibleWorks 7.0 on sale at eBay. Is that a copyright violation? I was thinking of buying it since it would save me a bit of money instead of paying full price, but I have doubts that it’s ethical. Also, I don’t know how BibleWorks registers their product, so if I did buy it, would I even be able to get updates for it? Any thoughts?

  2. Hi Michael. The main issue is whether or not the seller still has BibleWorks 7 installed on their own machine. I’d ask the seller explicitly if this is the case. If they have uninstalled the program completely, then they can legally sell the program. There should be no problem with upgrades, etc.

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