New Year, New Name, New Location, Same Blog

I’ve had the domain name, “” for some time now, but I have not done anything with the actual index page. So, I’m planning to rename my blog and relocate it from to I will rename the blog “Old in the New.”

This new blog will still feature resources on James the Just and the Epistle of James, but it will broaden in scope a bit. In general, I intend for “Old in the New” to refer not just to the use of earlier Scripture in the New Testament, but also to the use of various “old texts” in new ways – new technology, new studies etc. I am interested in the use of Scripture in Early Judaism and Christianity, but I am also interested in using software, blogs and computers in general to study Scripture. “Old in the New” will be my catch-all blog for what interests me, but I will continue to focus on biblical studies and particularly James the Just and the Epistle of James.

So, if you have me bookmarked at the old address, you may want to change it to the new one . . . that is the “Old in the New” one. I will actually migrate to the new address on New Year’s Day.

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