Doriani’s Reformed Expository Commentary on James

P&R Press is set to release Daniel M. Doriani’s commentary on James in the Reformed Expository Commentary series in January 2007. Here is P&R’s blurb, complete with an endorsement by the king of blurbs, J.I. Packer:

With 59 commands in 108 verses, the epistle of James has an obvious zeal for law. In his imperatives, James directly communicates the royal law, the law of King Jesus (2:8). Thus, the hasty reader will not see much of the gospel in James. But as Doriani reveals in his insightful commentary, the double mention of God’s grace at the rhetorical climax of the book shows that the gospel of James is the message of God’s grace for sinners.

“Well-researched and well-reasoned, practical and pastoral, shrewd, solid and searching, this is a truly Jamesish exposition of James’s letter, top-class in everyway.”

JI Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College

Pages: 216
Binding: Hardback
ISBN: 978-0-87552-785-7
Publication Date: 1/2007

Doriani is Senior Pastor at Central Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. He is also Adjunct Professor of New Testament and former Dean of Faculty at Covenant Seminary. Doriani has posted the lectures and notes from his class on “Hebrews to Revelation,” including a few lectures on James:

Hebrews Conclusion; James: Introduction PDF HTML PDF
James 1: The Trials of Life PDF HTML PDF
James 2: Good Works Demonstrate True Religion PDF HTML PDF
James 2-5: Justification in James PDF HTML PDF
James 3-5: Rhetorical Analysis & Structure PDF HTML PDF

I look forward to reading this “Jamesish exposition.” If anyone knows any more information on this commentary or series, post a reply.

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