The Epistle of James in Vaticanus

I’ve previously posted links to images of the Epistle of James in Sinaiticus and Alexandrinus, along with a few papyri and the miniscule text, 676. I have now been able to get my hands on some black and white images of Vaticanus, taken from the 1999 edition produced by the Instituto Poligrafico e Zecca dello Stato in Rome. Below is the breakdown of which verses of James are present in which column of each page. Links to the images of each page are found on the far left:

Page Column I Column II Column III
1426 1:1-11 1:11-19 1:19-27
1427 1:27-2:8 2:8-18 2:18-3:1
1428 3:1-8 3:8-17 3:17-4:8
1429 4:8-16 4:16-5:8 5:8-16
1430 5:16-20

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