13th c. Miniscule (676) of James at CSNTM

Plagued with insomnia, I figured out where the text of the Epistle of James was located in the 13th century miniscule text 676, as available at the Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts site. The CSNTM site has a great selection of early manuscripts, and it will have much more in the future. In fact, they’ve recently added images of Sinaiticus. Here’s the breakdown for James:

1:1-14a image 324
1:14a-2:13a image 325
2:13b-3:13 image 326
3:14-5:4a image 327
5:4b-5:20 image 328

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  1. James,

    I know that your site does not receive many comments. Yet, I want to encourage you to continue the good work. I appreciate the information and insight that you provide regarding the Epistle of James. Thank you!

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