Jesus’ influence on James at Café Apocalypsis

Alan Brady has posted about the influence of Jesus on the Epistle of James on his blog, Café Apocalypsis. It’s a great post. For those of you with access to a library, one of the most useful treatments of the topic is by Deane B. Deppe, “The Sayings of of Jesus in the Epistle of James.” Unfortunately this is a privately published dissertation and it is not widely available (WorldCat only lists 23 libraries that have it). Also worth mentioning are James and the Q Sayings of Jesus by Hartin and The Voice of Jesus in the Social Rhetoric of James by Wachob. Bauckham also treats the topic in James: Wisdom of James, Disciple of Jesus the Sage, pgs. 74-93.

Update (7.16.06): I forgot to mention some articles as well:

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