James the Just on MySpace?

If you’ve been out of the web-loop lately, you may want to check out MySpace.com. MySpace has been in the news because it can be the kind of place where young people post too much information about themselves, making themselves vulnerable to online predators. (That’s the bad news.) The good news is that MySpace enables folks to network with each other via the web.

An interesting development of MySpace is the crop of historical (and biblical) figures that have taken on a kind of web-based intermediate state prior to the resurrection. Of particular interest to this blog is the presence of James the Just himself on MySpace (we’re friends, as his “Top Eight” list of friends indicates). The great Reformer, Martin Luther and his Wife have both become friends with James the Just as well (though James still protests Luther’s poor review of the so-called “epistle of straw”).

Anyway, take a look. I’ll personally be interested to see what kind of dialog may go on between St. Paul and James. Or perhaps Luther would be willing to comment on his views of James in light of the New Perspective?

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