Southern Baptist Journal of Theology issue on James available online!

The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology has published an entire issue on the Epistle of James (vol. 4, no. 3 [2000]). This issue has been made available online by Southern Seminary.

Download the complete complete Journal as a PDF file here. Or download the individual articles below:

2 Editorial: Thomas R. Schreiner
Practical Christianity
4 Robert H. Stein
“Saved by Faith [Alone]” in Paul Versus “Not Saved by Faith Alone” in James
20 Timothy George
“A Right Strawy Epistle”: Reformation Perspectives on James
32 Mark A. Seifrid
The Waiting Church and Its Duty: James 5:13-18
40 Ron Julian
A Perfect Work: Trials and Sanctification in the Book of James
52 Dan G. McCartney
The Wisdom of James the Just
66 Sermon: Daniel L. Akin
The Power of the Tongue, James 3:1-12

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