Instone-Brewer article on James

An article by David Instone-Brewer, titled “James as a Sermon on the Trials of Abraham,” is available for reading on Amazon along with other essays collected in The New Testament in Its First Century Setting: Essays on Context and Background in Honour of B. W. Winter on his 65th Birthday (eds. P. J. Williams, et al.; Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2004), 250-268.

Use Amazon’s “search inside the book” feature to look for the article and read online!

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology issue on James available online!

The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology has published an entire issue on the Epistle of James (vol. 4, no. 3 [2000]). This issue has been made available online by Southern Seminary.

Download the complete complete Journal as a PDF file here. Or download the individual articles below:

2 Editorial: Thomas R. Schreiner
Practical Christianity
4 Robert H. Stein
“Saved by Faith [Alone]” in Paul Versus “Not Saved by Faith Alone” in James
20 Timothy George
“A Right Strawy Epistle”: Reformation Perspectives on James
32 Mark A. Seifrid
The Waiting Church and Its Duty: James 5:13-18
40 Ron Julian
A Perfect Work: Trials and Sanctification in the Book of James
52 Dan G. McCartney
The Wisdom of James the Just
66 Sermon: Daniel L. Akin
The Power of the Tongue, James 3:1-12