Journal Articles on the Epistle of James

These articles on James are hosted on a fantastic site provided by Ted Hildebrandt, professor at Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts. See his faculty page at Gordon College HERE.

  • Burns, John A. “James, The Wisdom of Jesus.” CTR 1.1 (1986): 113-135. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Davis, George B. “Preaching From the Book of James.” CTR 1.1 (1986): 137-147. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Dockery, David S. “Commenting on Commentaries on the Book of James.” CTR 1.1 (1986): 167-169. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Dockery, David S. “True Piety in James: Ethical Admonitions and Theological Implications.” CTR 1.1 (1986): 51-70. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Heide, Gale Z. “The Soteriology of James 2:14.” GTJ 12.1 (1992): 69-97. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Hiebert, D. Edmond. “The Unifying Theme of the Epistle of James.” BibSac 135 (1978): 221-31. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Howard, Tracy L. “Suffering in James 1:2-12.” CTR 1.1 (1986): 71-84. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Rakestraw, Robert V. “James 2:14-26: Does James Contradict the Pauline Soteriology.” CTR 1.1 (1986): 31-50. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Sloan, Robert B. “The Christology of James.” CTR 1.1 (1986): 3-29. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc
  • Warden, Duane. “The Rich and Poor in James: Implications for Institutionalized Partiality.” JETS 43.2 (June 2000): 247-257. *.pdf
  • Wells, C. Richard. “The Theology of Prayer in James.” CTR 1.1 (1986): 85-112. *.html, *.pdf, *.doc

CTR=Criswell Theological Review; JETS=Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society; BibSac=Bibliotheca Sacra; GTJ=Grace Theological Journal

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